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Power coated truss
Aluminum alloy truss, spigot truss. black truss, lighting truss.

Can be painted on aluminum alloy the surface of square truss,triangle truss, any sharp truss.
Truss type:
R24-050, R24-100, R24-150, R24-200, R24-250, R24-300, R24-350, R24-400, R24-450, R24-500
R34-050, R34-100, R34-150, R34-200, R34-250, R34-300, R34-350, R34-400, R34-450, R34-500
R44-050, R44-100, R44-150, R44-200, R44-250, R44-300, R44-350, R44-400, R44-450, R44-500
R54-050, R54-100, R54-150, R54-200, R54-250, R54-300, R54-350, R54-400, R54-450, R54-500   Skype:supplier08
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