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Customized event drapes The Tab curtains, called Italian curtains,tabbed curtains,opera drapes, too, which is composed of two parts of curtains, depending on lines and rings sewn diagonally to the curtains on the backside. The curtains can be raised diagonally up and out when the line is pulled, it doesn’t fully clear stage, instead creating a frilled viewing frame for the performance.

Contour curtains, which is make at least 200% value.
Borders, which is depending on the curtains and venue.

Fire retardant standard/ fire-protection standard: EN13773 C1 / BS5852 Crib5 / BS5867.
Usage: wedding, any event, trade show, hotel, Party,University, exhibition, stadium.... And so on.
China window curtain and drape with sheer Fabric: Velour/Velvet, Pleuche, Banjo,Sheer and silk, wool.
Curtains type:Italian curtain,Venetian curtains,Greek curtains, Roman curtains,Holland curtain,Germany curtains,France curtains,etc.
Keywords:stage drapery, front curtains, grand drape, act curtains, House curtain, Festoon curtains. Art curtain, drapery, curtains opening, pleating curtains, flat drapes, box pleated drapes,drapes.
Luxury hotel curtain hotel blackout curtain Have 6 colors for the following design jaquard fabric
Customs made electric curtains drapes Window curtain can be customized according to the customers’ demand.
Higher quality
Water ripple curtain and drape Special design for special occasion, have different effect.
Wholesale New design hot selling hotel blackout curtain drape Window curtain with blackout curtain and sheer
Price is competive
Sewing method is as follows
American window Blackout Curtain for living room Material: cotton or polyester.
Style: as following
Quality: No.1
Hanging way: window crossbar
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